Transparent California – Client Testimonial

“Hiring PyCare remains one of the best decisions I ever made in my professional life. After building an incredibly successful and highly trafficked website, our only web developer left, leaving us without the knowledge or skills needed to maintain the site.

Unable to afford the high cost of a traditional large web agency, we were incredibly lucky to discover Casey of PyCare, who would ultimately deliver far greater service at a more affordable price.

The best part of hiring PyCare, however, was the peace of mind and comfort that came with having a genuine partner invested in helping us succeed. The team immediately and proactively implemented a host of changes that improved site performance while reducing costs. Without PyCare, we’d still be paying inflated hosting bills for worse service today. This is just one of many examples of PyCare going above and beyond, and how the company is always looking out for our best interest.

And when it came to site design or usability features, no matter how complicated the request, PyCare delivered every single time — oftentimes coming up with solutions that were superior to our original request!

PyCare is that rare company that somehow has it all: technical proficiency, outstanding customer service, and thoughtful, attentive staff who genuinely want to see your company succeed.

I can enthusiastically recommend PyCare without reservation. My only word of caution is that you may experience some frustration for having not hired them sooner!”

Robert Fellner

Executive Director, Transparent California

Vice President & Director of Policy, Nevada Policy Research Institute