Wagtail Web Maintenance

Does your organization depend on a Wagtail web application? Are you experiencing one or more of the following?

  • You’re unable to update content on your Wagtail website
  • Users are asking for additional features and capabilities
  • The site is outdated and you’re worried that it’s insecure
  • Your website is too slow and/or displaying errors

Then you’re in the right place!

We Know Wagtail Like the Back of Our Hands

Wagtail is a powerful, free open source CMS that is typically used by CMSes on the Django framework. Developers love that it allows for rapid development and easily integrates with third party tools.

PyCare provides an affordable monthly web maintenance package designed to update your Wagtail website and keep it performing the way it should. Our service provides proactive monitoring and development designed to keep your application running to the highest standards.

You can put your trust in us as we’re one of the very few companies that focuses solely on improving existing websites built with Python.

How will we help you?

Update Your Website’s Content

Need to change a few pages on your web site or update some marketing materials? We’ll update your website safely and securely.

Add New Features

We’re experienced in adding new features to existing websites. Whether it is a new way to engage with your users or display data, we can help you grow your website.

Improve Performance

We’re experts at resolving performance issues and errors. We’ll make your website fast and stable, ensuring your users have the best possible experience

Secure Your Website

If your site hasn’t been updated in some time, you’re right to be concerned. Security patches are issued often and need to be applied to ensure your site is consistently available to users.